v. & n.
—v. (past and past part. sold)
1 tr. make over or dispose of in exchange for money.
2 tr. keep a stock of for sale or be a dealer in (do you sell candles?).
3 intr. (of goods) be purchased (will never sell; these are selling well).
4 intr. (foll. by at, for) have a specified price (sells at pound5).
5 tr. betray for money or other reward (sell one's country).
6 tr. offer dishonourably for money or other consideration; make a matter of corrupt bargaining (sell justice; sell oneself; sell one's honour).
7 tr. a advertise or publish the merits of. b give (a person) information on the value of something, inspire with a desire to buy or acquire or agree to something.
8 tr. cause to be sold (the author's name alone will sell many copies).
9 tr. sl. disappoint by not keeping an engagement etc., by failing in some way, or by trickery (sold again!).
—n. colloq.
1 a manner of selling (soft sell).
2 a deception or disappointment.
Phrases and idioms:
sell-by date the latest recommended date of sale marked on the packaging of esp. perishable food. sell down the river see RIVER. sell the (or a) dummy see DUMMY. selling-point an advantageous feature. selling-race a horse-race after which the winning horse must be auctioned. sell one's life dear (or dearly) do great injury before being killed. sell off sell the remainder of (goods) at reduced prices. sell out
1 a sell all one's stock-in-trade, one's shares in a company, etc. b sell (all or some of one's stock, shares, etc.).
2 a betray. b be treacherous or disloyal.
sell-out n.
1 a commercial success, esp. the selling of all tickets for a show.
2 a betrayal. sell the pass see PASS(2). sell a pup see PUP. sell short disparage, underestimate.
sell up Brit.
1 sell one's business, house, etc.
2 sell the goods of (a debtor). sold on colloq. enthusiastic about.
sellable adj.
Etymology: OE sellan f. Gmc

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